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Sci-Pop Singles: Giant Squid

Sci-Pop Singles: Giant Squid

Just when you thought you'd seen it all at our Geek Pop Festival, the Null is back with yet more geeky music, in a brand spanking new format. Tune in every Monday and let us treat you to sci-pop classics, and some cheeky chat with the artists. Go on, indulge your inner geek.

This week, get ready to go 1,500 ft deep, as Tales from the Birdbath tell Null Editor Hayley what inspired their song...

Giant Squid by Tales from the Birdbath

Now let's get this straight from the start. We're not in the business of reviews here - we just don't play stuff we don't like. Having said that, the new format is off to a cracking start with Giant Squid. And unless you've had your head in a vacuum for the last couple of weeks, you can't fail to notice how timely this tune is. The squid that's just been defrosted in New Zealand may technically be a different species - it's a colossal squid if we're going to get pinickity - but at 10 metres long it's a giant by any account.

"The largest eyes on the planet..." sings Birdbath guitarist Ean Hernandez. And he's not exaggerating. These things have peepers 11 inches (27cm) wide, according to the dissection team in New Zealand.

If you listen to the interview*, you'll hear drummer Rebecca Hernandez talking about a blog where you can read what's going on with the dissection, as it happens. It really is worth a gander.

And these guys don't just play songs about science. They've got a whole bunch of other geeky stuff up their sleeves. Now get on over to and check it out.

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*Scuze our ropey audio. We been done a podcast (or several) but we ain't been done a podcast on the phone before...

Image: tatisol

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20 Jul 2017
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