9th October 2006
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Phunny phobias Phunny phobias

Are you afraid of flying? Perhaps it’s spiders that make your skin crawl? Or maybe even something as simple as the dark. Whatever your irrational fear, these are certainly among the more uncommon.

Alektorophobia - chickens
Mottephobia - moths
Lachanophobia - vegetables
Asymmetriphobia - asymmetrical things
Porphyrophobia - the colour purple
Papaphobia - the Pope
Decidophobia - making decisions or choices
Automatonophobia - ventriloquist’s dummies, animatronic creatures or wax statues
Ostraconophobia – shellfish
Agateophobia - insanity or becoming insane Number 8 - terrifying!
Blennophobia - slime
Panophobia - everything
Eosophobia - dawn or daylight
Geliophobia - laughter
Apeirophobia – infinity
Chromatophobia - colours
Zemmiphobia - the great mole rat
Octophobia - the number 8
Cathisophobia - sitting
Epistemophobia - knowledge
Kakorrhaphiophobia - failure or defeat
Hellenologophobia - Greek terms or complex scientific terminology
Symmetrophobia - symmetry
Leukophobia - the colour white
Caligynephobia - beautiful women
Helminthophobia - being infested with worms
Pentheraphobia - mother-in-law

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