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Hannah Isom's Homepage

Hannah Isom's Homepage

My peculiar fascination with all things sciencey began when I was given a chemistry set for Christmas, around age eight. Having spent most of the time making sparklers from iron filings and turning bits of litmus paper red, I went on to pursue a degree in Biomedical Sciences at The University of Manchester.

Having graduated in 2005 I dabbled briefly in the world of mobile phone games (well somebody had to employ me). I now reside in Manchester (the posh bit) and am working for a medical publishing company in Macclesfield. I hope someday to become some kind of general all-knowing, journalistic goddess, but at the moment am more than happy making my small difference writing for Null.

In my personal life I am into amateur photography, art, independent film and all kinds of music. I can often be found bopping away in various music venues across my fair city. I also play badminton and am still a member of my university dance society (loser).

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09 Feb 2009
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