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Liz Elliott's Homepage

Liz Elliott's Homepage

At the age of eight, I decided that I wanted to be a rocket scientist. To prepare myself for my future career, I built a number of spaceships out of cardboard. None of them quite got into orbit, but this didn’t deter me.

I went on to study physics at Cambridge, with a view to understanding the secrets of the Universe. That done, I undertook further studies in Astronautics and Space Engineering at Cranfield.

It was during my time there that I worked on the UKSEDS (national student space organisation) magazines, ‘Ecliptic’ and ‘Aurora’. After a brief period as a space software engineer in Bristol, I went on a big round the world trip.

Now I am back and looking for work in the space industry. In the meantime, I thought I would contribute to the world of science by writing for the Null.

Liz's articles:

Why is magenta not a colour?

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28 Feb 2011
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