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Biggest Ever Fossils Found Biggest Ever Fossils Found

By Miketron

In central Australia earlier this week scientists discovered a prehistoric fossil site containing rare complete skeletons of several species of Australia's long-extinct megafauna.

Ranging from kangaroos that stood 65km tall and had laser beams shooting out of their eyes to 900km long brown snakes that could read, write and solve complicated mathematical problems; the site is being referred to as a "treasure-chest" of Australian pre-history.

Although some historians have been accused of exaggerating the actual scale of the animals, most scientists are forced to agree with the findings after viewing the fully complete Diprotodon (giant wombat) skeleton that is more than 3 times the size of Great Britain.

Giant wombats, three times the size of the UK once roamed Australia.

Above is a representation of the actual size of the giant wombat beside a scale map of Britain. As you can see the animal is at least 3 times larger than the island nations.

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Title image: Peter & Jackie Main/Alan Babb

Your Say
What is it about Australia that they think they have to be bigger and better than the UK? Why couldn't it have been a map of New Zealand?
Simon Davies, U.K.

They're jealous, Simon. Jealous of our greatness.
Steve Morris

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