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Can We Age Gracefully? Can We Age Gracefully?

We get some funny books sent to us now and again. We set Claire Knight the task of taking on the pseudo-scientific world of anti-ageing in the form of Suzi Grant's book Alternative Ageing. Could it be that she'd be swayed to the wolfberries?

Monkeys' Moral Codes Monkeys' Moral Codes

Hayley reviews Primates and Philosophers.

Praise For Pigeon Power Praise For Pigeon Power

Why pigeons aren't just rats of the sky.

The Altruism Equation The Altruism Equation

Stories about the science of selflessness.

Random Quote

“In this house, we OBEY the laws of thermodynamics!”

- Homer Simpson

Random Fact

Humans have 639 muscles in their bodies, caterpillars have over four thousand.

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Weird Career: Frog Licker

Weird Career: Frog Licker

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