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Geek Pop Returns

Geek Pop Returns

T'was a year ago now that Null hosted the first ever virtual science and music festival, right here on home turf. Well, Geek Pop, as it was christened, went off and got all big and popular in its own right and built a spangly new website. But it still came crawling back to us when it wanted a bit of attention. That's right.

So as proud media sponsors, we present to you: Geek Pop '09, the second annual celebration of sci-pop music. You can find it on the Information Superhighway at www.geekpop.co.uk, where you can download a whole 47 minutes of sci-pop highlights, or wonder around the virtual festival site (for a map, see below) and listen to whichever bits of musical genius take your fancy.

Contributions this year range from the bizarre (Dalmatian Rex and the Eigentones declaring their love for the octopus) to the unhinged (Amateur Transplants dispairing, in song form, over the prospect of medical finals) to the uber geeky (On Rails making music out of sine waves).

Geek Pop festival siteGeek Pop '09 launch week continues until 15th March, with a range of activities including guest blogging from featured artists and the Geek Pop pop quiz. When we last spoke to her, festival organiser Hayley Birch was busy dealing with a missing yak in the virtual Lost and Found area, but she had just about enough time to provide a few pointers.

"It's madness here. I'm up to my knees in virtual mud and someone's claiming to have misplaced their virginity by the Reproductive Stage. Anyway, if you're looking for something to really rock out to, try Dr Stu and the Neutron Stars - they're heavier than metal."

Head over to the fantabulous Geek Pop site here.

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22 Aug 2009
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