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A full-grown pumpkin has about 15 miles of roots.

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Winner: “*Sniggers* This will fool the weathermen. It's due to be sunny for ages yet.” Mike Grace, UK

“Eventually, after the staring contest had gone on for several minutes, Daisy realised that, yet again, Mildred had been cheating with the help of the taxidermist.” Jake,

“In a pasture above the Large Hadron Collider the muon is discovered.” Rob, UK

“Cows? No, all I can see is a green drinking goblet.” Raven Clare, UK

“You're legless again you silly cow.” John Atchison, UK

Winner: “Left back molar decayed.” Douglas Maass, Germany

“Snap was always a popular game at the zoo.” Rob Pendragon, UK

“Extreme dentistry - the new adventure sport.” Rob, UK

Winner: “Jenny’s first skydiving jump goes well but a millisecond from the ground she can’t get the nagging feeling out of her head that she has forgotten something.” Paul Fransen, New Zealand

“Confused as to the I.D argument "Evolution is just a theory" the Theory of Gravity decided it too would try being "just a theory".” Robin Homer, UK

“Tired and frustrated after hours of searching for the rare Australian desert crab, Louise sat down to rest. It was then that she made a serendipitous discovery...” Mike Fisher, UK

“Although certainly surprised, the Bedouin tribe did not think much of Barnes Wallis's new 'bouncing mother-in-law' technology.” Jake,

“"Sand-June"” Ken Wilkinson, UK

Winner: “Jeremy learned the hard way not to play with his fruit gums in the car unless he was wearing his seat belt.” Valérie Falconer,

“I don't care how good a grotto he runs, I still say he's a lousy optician.” Rob Falconer,

“Baubling your eyes out.” Peter More,

“The Wii was too expensive so Granny splashed out on a time-consuming alternative...” Jenn,

Winner: “It’s always the same, you go out and get pissed and I have to carry you home.” Rob, UK.

“The new kangaroo mobile phone comes with a handy pocket.” Andrew,

“Well I'm not ruddy breast-feeding him!” Valérie Falconer,

“Elsa may not remember anything about that drunken night at the safari park, but she was certainly always going to love the resultant Little Wally.” Peter More,

“You stick your fingers in here, and it spits out a bottle of beer!” Tigg,

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25 Jun 2011
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