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A 100 mph updraft is necessary to form a 3-inch diameter hailstone.

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Spoof or Troof?

Spoof or Troof?

Most of us lie around 4,000 times a day. "That can't be true!" I hear you cry. Well, no. It's not. But can you tell which of these are blatant lies and which are unbelievable truths? Spoof or Troof is brought to you by Colin My-Pants-Are-On-Fire Lichen.

With a view, one suspects, to negating the ‘leaves on the track’ problem, British Rail once held the patent for a nuclear-powered flying saucer. The patent lapsed when BR failed to fork out the renewal fee.

Metropolitan Police dog Ralph is being disciplined after allowing children who broke into a sweet factory to escape. Having been tracked and cornered by the dog, the children offered Ralph some of their hoard. Whilst he was thus distracted they fled. Ralph was later found by his handler munching happily.

3: Pigs can fly.

Using anti-bacterial hand cleaners can help spread bacteria.

In an attempt to prove or disprove an old argument, Doctor L. Tyler, Ph.D, of Michigan State University, has designed a set of prosthetic lips for chickens. With the lips attached it has been demonstrated that chickens can actually whistle, although not with the range and subtlety of some other birds.

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And if you can't be bothered to do anything except laugh, have a look at Heck Feckler's cartoon strip, Science Will Save Us.

Image: Steve Woods

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07 Feb 2010
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