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The Null Pod Archive

The Null Pod Archive

Every so often, the Null team disappear into a tiny broom cupboard and emerge flush faced and jubilant. What have we been doing? Why, making your podcast, of course!
So how about you grab your headphones and give it a listen?

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  Nanopods (2009)      
Nanotech explained in five tiny pods, covering everything from buckyballs to nanoguitars.

  June '08: The Science Festival Pod      
  The team are at Cheltenham Science Festival, studying space rocks and turning into chimps.

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  May '08: The Breakfast Show      
It all takes place in the kitchen, where the pod team are conducting soggy cereal studies...

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  February '08: Geek Pop Festival
The team enjoy sci-pop at Geek Pop '08 and Hayley loses a cyber-welly.

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  November '07: Nuts About Squirrels
Hayley sends everyone nuts,
Mark explains how to wash a dog and Andy goes virtually mad.

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  October '07: Cyber Trollies

Andy turns into a trolley, Hayley talks to a sci-artist and Vicky longs for a baby panda.

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  August '07: Duck Invasion      
Ducks take over, Andy makes everyone yawn and Mark throws in a cheeky surprise at the end.

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And one more fing. Big thanks to Pod Producer Vicky West for her  support (moral as well as professional).

Images: Steven Henderson (June), Juliaf Freeman-Woolpert (May)
Sam Church (Feb), Lindsay Carey (Nov),
McConnell (Oct),
Agnieszka Bialobrzeska (Aug).

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