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Military Tries To Build Gay Bomb

Historically, when armies have gone to war, they have always been searching for a way of getting the upper hand over their adversaries; something that will disrupt the enemy and preferably something that they won’t be expecting.

Back in 1994 the US Air Force Wright Laboratory proposed such an idea, but it was so top secret, it has taken over ten years for the truth to finally come out. Their idea was for a chemical weapon to be dropped behind enemy lines that would provoke widespread homosexual behaviour.

Presumably the rational was that the enemy would be too busy making whoopee to notice the advancing battalions coming over the hill.

To be honest there’s probably only one thing scarier than a man holding a gun and that’s a man winking at you holding a gun. But alas, the project has since been dropped by the US military so it’s back to good old pistols at dawn.

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27 Sep 2009
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