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Fermented Mare's Milk

Summary: Popular all around central Asia and alternatively known as kumis or airag, fermented mare's milk is an absolute snorter.

The milk is left for a few days whilst bacteria acidify it and yeast make it slightly carbonated and slightly alcoholic.

It tastes - and I can testify to this - exactly as you might expect, like slightly fizzy, gone off milk. Grim.

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Interesting fact: Kumis has been touted as beneficial for a range of chronic diseases, including tuberculosis, bronchitis, catarrh, and anemia. Kumis-based health spas even started cropping up in the 1800s. Chekhov, a long-time TB sufferer , checked into a kumis cure resort in 1901. He drank four bottles a day for two weeks, gaining twelve pounds but no cure.

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24 Apr 2011
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