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Geek Pop '08: A Celebration of Sci-pop Music


Null Hypothesis, the Journal of Unlikely Science, is hosting an online sci-pop concert. The event showcases the talents of nine artists, including Amateur Transplants, Jonny Berliner, Professor Science and Let’s Tea Party, all performing science inspired tracks.

From 29th February, visitors to the site will be able to take away a free podcast containing the entire event, or listen online at www.geekpop08.com Each artist has their own space on-site, where gig goers will be able to view photos and lyrics, and comment on the performances.

The event is presented by the Null Hypothesis team, along with Vicky West, the Sony award nominated presenter of Original 106.5 FM. ‘I’ve been so excited about doing this,’ said West. ‘Now I just can’t wait until Geek Pop ‘09.’

Participating artists performed songs about dark matter, dinosaurs, binary code and robots. Rich Sear, bassist for Let’s Tea Party, said, ‘I just thought it sounded like a really great idea - mixing science and the music element.’ Sear’s band is responsible for the sci-pop classic Reptiles, available to download as part of the Geek Pop podcast.

Geek Pop ’08 provides a platform for those with scientific and musical interests to work together, as well as proving that there are more creative ways to involve people in science. Null Editor, Mark Steer, said, ‘It’s all about showing that science, art and creativity are all pretty much one and the same thing. Many of the artists involved in the concert are scientists themselves.’

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01 Dec 2008
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