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Riaz Bhunnoo's Homepage

Riaz Bhunnoo's Homepage

There are lots of words that could be used to describe Riaz. Dull is not one of them. From Latin American dancing to playing ice-cool funky house in trendy bars, Riaz is still on his mission to demonstrate that not all scientists are geeks. Yes it is possible to synthesise anti-cancer drugs whilst leading a highly extravagant if slightly incongruous life.

A long stint at Southampton University has left Riaz institutionalised and he is currently undergoing rehabilitation in the glamorous town of Swindon. His recovery has taken a sharp upward turn since writing for this slightly bizarre website (by bizarre, Riaz means amazingly witty - Ed.), and he continues to make excellent progress. One day he hopes to take science to the streets because he’s quite clearly ‘down with the kids’.

Riaz's articles:
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31 Aug 2010
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