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Canine Beer

Summary: Not meant for man, but man's best friend. This beefy-tasting, non-alcoholic slosh masquerading as beer was the brain child of
Dutch pet shop owner, Terri Berendon.

It's called
Kwispelbier, kwispel being Dutch for a wagging tail. It is spiked with beef extract so that dogs can’t help but just lap it up.

Sadly I don’t think my dog will be accompanying me to the pub just yet. I gave him a bottle but he just thought it was ruff. B’dum chee!

Chunder rating: 

Interesting fact: It seems to be a human obsession to produce beer-like substances for our nearest and dearest: Kiddie beer has been released in the Japan. Although, if this video is anything to go by then the Japanese ought to watch out...

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21 Nov 2009
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