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By Rebecca Hernandez

Travelling to the land of Amundson, Scott, and Shackleton will definitely up your ante on the geeky adventure scale, or at least make for interesting pub conversation.

Nowadays it’s relatively easy to cross the Drake Passage from Argentina to Antarctica in the comfort of an icebreaking cruise ship. Mind you, the Drake Passage is known to contain some of the roughest waters in the world, so if you manage to hang on to your breakfast you’re off to a good start. (One of the websites called the waters of the Drake ‘intoxicating’. Not the first word I’d use to describe unrelenting seasickness, but hey, to each his own.)

Once near or on Antarctica, you can choose from a variety of trip types, including penguin safaris, island adventures, and even semi-circumnavigations of the continent.

Of course if you’re like the rest of us geeks you know that the Antarctic plays host to some of the most interesting sea life around: Emperor penguins, leopard seals, eight species of whales, not to mention the thousands of astronomers, physicists, geologists, biologists, and numerous other Antarctic scientists who visit the continent each year.

Be willing to fork out a pretty penny to freeze your behind off: expeditions start at a few thousand pounds and go up exponentially depending on your taste in accommodations. Not quite roughing it Shackleton-style but still pretty darn exciting.

Time required: a week at the very least.

Money: ££££££

More information: Cool Antarctica

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05 Mar 2009
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