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Skin is thickest on the upper back, half a centimetre; it is thinnest on the eyelids, which are only half a millimetre thick.

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Swiss Roll

The origin of Swiss rolls is shrouded in mystery, but there’s one thing for certain – they’ve got nothing to do with Switzerland whatsoever. In fact, if you gave the Swiss a Swiss roll they’d most likely look at you with the same kind of expression as I looked at my American buddy when he offered me an English muffin.

Actually, as far aw we’re aware, it is only the Brits who seem to want to give credit to the Swiss, in France the cakes are known as gâteau roulé, in Spain they’re given the wonderful moniker brazo de gitano (gypsies’ arms) and the Americans call them jelly rolls.

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08 Jan 2011
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