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Luke Skywalker's light sabre

By Andrew Impey

When space shuttle Discovery launches at the end of October there will be a special piece of technical kit on board. In homage to the 1977 classic sci-fi film Star Wars, NASA will be taking Mark Hamill’s original prop light sabre into space. Why you ask? I have no ruddy idea.

Wait, it gets worse. After accepting the Jedi weapon from Chewbacca (the big hairy one) NASA’s director of marketing boarded a Southwest Airlines flight from California to Texas where he was greeted by R2-D2, an entourage of stormtroopers and non other than the dark lord himself. Hang on a minute, I thought he was dead?

Having logged over six million miles in space the sabre will then be returned to Lucasfilm.

They were worried about a golf club being wielded in space and now they’re letting astronauts play with Jedi weapons – is NASA completely mad?

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Image: Master replicas/NASA

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22 Dec 2010
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