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By Andrew Impey

A company in California claims that as early as 2008 we’ll be able to send an object of our choice into space and back. The only restrictions are that the cargo must be able to fit into a canister the size of a coke can; weigh no more than 350 grams; it cannot be radioactive or explosive; oh, and there’s the $99 fee of course.

One further restriction is that if it goes up alive, it must return alive – not quite sure how you can guarantee that so better check the small print on that one.
Masten Space Systems claim their suborbital rocket will take off vertically, fly to at least 100 kilometres above Earth where its contents of 300 canisters will be exposed to microgravity for several minutes before returning to the launch site in a vertical landing.

The company aims to be able to prepare the rocket for another flight within hours of landing and claims “it wants to get into the same realm of operations that airplanes enjoy”. So long delays and cheap booze I presume.

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08 Oct 2010
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