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The WOW! Signal

By Logan Wright

Jerry Ehman was wowed when, on August 15th 1977, he received a radio signal from space that bore expected hallmarks of potential non-terrestrial and non-solar system origin.

The original transcript with wow! statement
Amazed at how closely the signal matched the expected signature of an interstellar signal in the antenna used, Ehman circled the signal on the computer printout and wrote the comment "Wow!" on its side. This comment became the name of the signal.

The signal occupied a small range of frequencies around 1400 MHz. International agreements have outlawed broadcasts in that range, and almost all natural radiation signals have a significantly larger range of frequencies. Consequently, the signal’s source is very difficult to pinpoint.

The logical possibilities are a gargantuan radioactive event of some sort or a powerful transmission by an alien civilization. Naturally, most enthusiasts lean towards the latter. Skeptics, on the other hand, point out that any similar signals have always proven to be caused by interference. After 30 years, the argument rages on. Wow.

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19 Jul 2011
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