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Despite being more than 27 times smaller, Norway’s total coastline is longer than that of the USA.

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PATENT LUNACY - Intestinal gas collector

Do you have trapped wind? Stomach cramps maybe? Or just a herd of farting heffers that are polluting the atmosphere?

This ingenious piece of kit claims to be the answer to all those gaseous little niggles - a vessel for collecting flatus gas from humans or animals.

It consists of a gas-tight collection tube, O-rings to keep it inside the subject, and a gauze filter and gas-permeable bladder at the end to allow one-way transfer of gases. It sounds like they've covered all the bases with this one, apart from the instruction manual of what to do with all that hot air.

There must be a million uses for a jam jar full of oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane but none currently spring to mind.

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11 Jan 2011
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