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Genuphobia: the fear of knees

By Hayley Birch

What's so scary about it?
Well, knees do look pretty weird I suppose... especially if you stare at them for too long. They're also the first bit of you to go green if you happen to be frolicking around in a field and can deliver an astonishingly painful blow to a man's sensitive areas. That said, I don't find them the least bit scary.

What do the scientists say about it?

Another well web worn phobia turns to dust when it comes under the scrutiny of the scientists. There's not a word written about genuphobia by anyone who even knows what a stethoscope is. Try not to develop a morbid fear of knees because a shrink won't give you the time of day.

Genuphobia: True of False?

About as genuine as a silicon implant in a Barbie doll. Rubbish.

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22 Sep 2010
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