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Kathisophobia: the fear of sitting down

By Hayley Birch

What's so scary about it?

I'm at a loss. If you're scared of sitting down, are you okay to lie down instead?

What do the scientists say about it?
Now how unlikely does this sound? First documented in 1904, kathisophobia seems to be absolutely kosher, although it seems to be more commonly known as akathisia - "an inability to remain motionless", otherwise known as "the fidgets".

One reported case was a man for whom sitting had become a symbol of his job as a goldworker. He hated his work so much that sitting brought about a neurotic response causing him to leap into the air all a-quiver. The longer I sit in front of this computer, the more I'm beginning to identify with the condition.

Kathisophobia: True or False?
I can't believe it, but I think it's actually... True.

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12 Jun 2011
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