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Work in the Wilderness

Work in the Wilderness

One of the laziest jobs in science is up for grabs - wondering around the wilderness. Your office will be 10.2 million acres of the Great Basin in Nevada.  Your mission: to a keep a beady eye on the wilderness.

Wilderness and Recreation Technician (i.e. wondering around the desert, having your own lonesome party)

Great Basin Institute, Nevada, US

$17.10 per hour

April - Fall 2008

BSc in Natural Resources or a related field, experience of GIS and GPS, ability to camp and work in remote locations, and hike cross-country for extended distances (yes, it does say that in the person specification).

Application deadline:
May 13th, 2008.

Null rating: 3/5
- Sounds like an easy life, but all that wandering around on your own might send you a bit loopy.

More information:
For more details and to apply, click here.

If you find a weird job out there let us know on
[email protected]. And if you want to hang out with your kind of people, why not join our Facebook group?

Image: Great Basin Institute

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