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Frank Herbert

By Logan Wright

Frank Herbert is undoubtedly best known for his Dune saga of novels. The novels are epic in the span of time they cover and in the variety of issues they deal with. Though they don’t deal extensively with technology, they do make predictions about what the future may hold for humans. We may not have any scary-huge sandworms causing trouble (yet) but many of the environmental problems dealt with in Dune are getting uncomfortably close.

The first Dune novel brought Herbert both a Hugo and a Nebula award. Dune’s extensive world captured the attention of fantasy fans and science fiction fans alike. Most critics feel he’s fallen short of Dune in any of his novels since, but it is rare to hear a complaint about his crowning accomplishment.

A top title from Herbert:
Frank Herbert, (2005), The Great Dune Trilogy: 'Dune', 'Dune Messiah', 'Children Of Dune', Golancz, ISBN: 0575070706

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07 Jul 2011
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