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Cool Stuff

Cool Stuff

This is the stuff we looked at, looked at each other and then leapt for our wallets.  Put the cosmos in your bedroom or your own waxwork in the hallway.  Brilliant!


Wind-up Multi Mobile Charger

No, it's not a wind-up. Give your battery a boost when you're stuck in the sticks, and stay in touch!

Global Warming Mug

A coffee and guilt trip all in one handy handful. Lovely!

Bug Zapper

Is it nobler to suffer the stings and arrows of outrageous bugs, or to take arms against a sea of insects and by zapping, end them? Well no question in our opinion, the Bug Zapper rocks.

Can Crusher

Being environmentally friendly should be fun, and with the Can Crusher it's a blast.

Whirlpool Mug

Whizz up your favourite shake, stir up your favourite cocktail, or just gaze with glazed eyes at the mesmeric whirlpool effect.

Zapcap Stainless Steel Opener

How to crack open a bottle of beer in a nanosecond with a satisfying whack of the hand.


Developed by the Swedish Defence Department (small but perfectly formed no doubt), the Light My Fire Firesteel is simply staggering.

Rouge O2

Are you as impatient as we are? It's been a long day and you're dying for a glass of wine, so it's pop, pour, glug a.s.a.p. But oh what joy we're missing.


Switch any television with 15m off or on at the push of the button. Brilliant for freaking out your gran if nothing else.

Submarine Radio

Are you perennially disappointed that your radio has to stay out of the bath when you're in it? We know we are. Well no longer - praise be.

Dark Choc Refill

Oh sweet heavenly god of chocolate - actually shouldn't that be goddess - here is an altar into which we shall dip fruit and marshmallow sacrifices.

Mini Plasma Ball

Lose yourself in a mini world of streaming purple light and arcing plasma with this excellent desk-top Mini Plasma Ball.

Don't Break the Bottle

Possibly the best gift for wine lovers ever invented - give someone a bottle of wine in a puzzle they'll be hard pushed to crack!

Flying Alarm Clock

It's an alarm clock and it flies. What more do you need to know?

Sun Jar

Capture the sun in a jar and then slowly let it out on the rainy days. Pretty pointless, but pretty nonetheless.

T-Qualizer Music Tee

The ultimate in Geek Chic and groovy design, the T-Qualiser (great name!) is possibly the coolest club shirt ever.

Alcohol Breath Tester

Are you over the limit? Find out with the portable pocket Alcohol Breath Tester Pen.

Solar Turbine

This cool little kit brings the green movement to your desktop, reducing your carbon emissions (well, not really, but it feels good).

Mathmos Thaw

The Mathmos Thaw allows you to create your very own ice candle, making for a funky lighting system that really is cool...

Ozitech Knife Sharpener

Carving and halving and slicing and dicing is now officially a pleasure thanks to this space age sharpener

The Light Bank

A bank that gives something extraordinary back.

Binary Clock

The Binary Clock, the ultimate gizmo for people who laugh in the face of time, play tiddlywinks on the lap of destiny, and boil bratwurst in the kitchen of fate.


The iTrips are the ideal companions for your road trips, or even short journeys for that matter.

Plasma Ball

Oh man, this is, like, just SO psychedelic. You'll spend hours lost in the funky electrical storm going on inside of it and when you touch it, streams of blue plasma (or whatever) reach for your fingertips.

Time T-Shirts

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is so last season. Wearing the time on your chest, now that's where it's at.

Eyeclops TV Micro-Camera

Requiring no software, you just plug Eyeclops into your TV, point it at something (up close) and WHOAH! That something just got magnified 200 times up onto your TV screen! Making everyday items look extraordinary it's a blast just checking things out.

Binary Watch

The watch that's so 'out of sight' cool, you'll never have the first clue what the time is.

Anti Gravity Machine With Globe

Anti gravity Floating Globe, Light and Picture Frame - the free floating miracle!

Lightsaber Replicas

Be a Jedi legend in your own lifetime with the ultimate weapon of choice for any space junkie - a Star Lightsaber. These genuine licensed Star Wars replicas will blow you away.

Wireless Speakers

Free yourself from the nightmare of trailing wire, and take your music with you

Anti-Gravity Boots

Put some spring in your step with what's sure to be the next big craze, honestly.

Beer Machine

Ever since pubs started being replaced by 'bars' it's become increasingly difficult to buy a decent pint - and bottled beers seem to be little more than gas and weed killer.


Weighing in at under six kilos, and converting from packed bike to mobile machine in under ten seconds, the A Bike is the first truly portable and practical commuter bicycle.

Laser Cosmos

We get to see a lot of crazy and sometimes brilliant inventions, but Laser Cosmos is without a doubt the most superb one we've seen.

Freeview DVD Tablet

Watch movies, show slide shows of your photos, listen to music, watch TV, it's all possible with the Xoros, making them the slickest portable multimedia machines we've ever seen.


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07 Jul 2011