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Doing Stuff

Doing Stuff

Oh. My. Word. These must be the most exciting trips on the planet.  Head for the stars or dive to the Titanic.  The Null can take you there... and bring you back, but only if you want.


Astronaut Food

Due to the lack of corner shops up in space, Astronaut Food was born - and it's yummy.

Sudoku Loo Roll

It's all very well being hooked on Sudoku, but when do we have time to do these addictive puzzles in our busy lives?

How Smart Is your Dog IQ test

When did you last see your dog actually complete the crossword? Try these tests on your pooch and see how bright he really is.

SAS Handbook

The SAS Survival Guide, save your life for a fiver.

Carabiner Mug

Possibly the coolest camping and trekking mug around!

Gorilla Pods

At last some bright spark has invented a compact, tough and flexible travel camera tripod that actually works.

Diablo Sandwich Toaster

Devilishly deep toasted sandwiches for the revolutionary, multi heat-source, dishwasher safe, Diablo toasted sandwich maker.

Personal Water Purifier

Travelling to far flung places is such an adventure, but dodgy tummies from contaminated water kills all the fun.

Dedicate a Tree

It's time to re-tree our green and pleasant land.

Symphony Power Kites

Undeniably the best priced and best performing Power Kites in their class!

Mr. Site

Create your very own professional website with your own email box, photo albums, music albums, diaries, you name it - and all in a matter of minutes.

The Book Of Cool

As we all know, looking cool and actually being cool are two very different things.

SLP2 Survival Tool

The SL2 Survival Tool is a super-tough, compact and lightweight tool that is indispensable for anyone who's into camping, fishing or hiking

Underwater DigiCam

Well how technology has leapt forward, an Underwater Digital Camera with a video recording mode for under £45.

Lodge Grill

The Lodge Grill is to barbequing what Agas are to standard ovens. It's a proper home-on-the-range cast iron Lodge Grill that's heavy enough to concuss a Montana Longhorn at a hundred paces.

Safari Picnic Box

Ahh, you can almost smell the long grass plains of the Serengetti. The Safari Picnic Box transforms a plastic bag picnic into a civilized alfresco banquet.

AeroGarden and Seeds

It doesn't matter a jot if you're rubbish at growing stuff, the AeroGrow does everything for you. It tells you when and how much water to add, when to add nutrients, even how much light the plants need. Your plants will grow at three times the speed they would normally.

The Imp Radio

Imagine being able to listen to over 2,500 radio stations from around the world, or tuning into your music library from anywhere in the house without having to lug your computer about; well, that's what the mighty Imp can do.

Pyramat Rockers

Pyramat, the hot new sound seat (though not, despite the name, in a spontaneous combustion kind of a way).

Archos Console

The Archos Gmini is a gorgeous looking and seriously high-tech spec video camera, stills camera, MP3 player, games console, movie file player and voice recorder in one.

Walk On Water

What utter joy! Larking about on the water just got even more fun.

Seascooter GTi

The Sea Scooter GTi, a fast and furious soft-top sea monster. If it had wheels, they'd be really wide.

Mini Moto Chopper

A mini electric marvel, the Razor Mini Chopper is a whole heap of fun.

Inflatable Spa

No longer are spas reserved for posh gyms and the minted, now anyone can pump up, pop in and chill out.

Funtrak Mini Paintball Tanks

Get tanked up with this one seater, paintball-firing, military tank.



If you've found a broken link, or think we've missed a brilliant gadget or toy, please let us know.  Thanks.

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07 Jul 2011
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