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Play Things

Prepare yourself, because the fun starts here.  Here we have a collection of some of the finest toys available to humanity.  From the keyring kite to Roboreptile, enjoy this jumble of wonder.


Magic Expanding Toys

Who needs class A drugs when you can freak yourself out with these Magic Expanding Toys.

Waboba Extreme

This brilliant invention is what larking about in water was invented for. Seriously, watch the little video and you'll understand.

Labyrinth Puzzle

We haven't named this the 3D Labyrinth Puzzle for nothing. There may not be a Minotaur lurking in there, but this puzzle is so skilfully designed - and nigh on impossible to crack - that it had us puzzling over it for hours.


Craptrumps rocks. Infinitely funnier than Top Trumps and considerably less nerdy - why would you want to play anything else?


The ultimate in air defence weaponry. Utterly stupid of course, but GALACTICALLY more un-put-downable than a Jeffrey Archer novel.

Chrome Tangle

The Tangle is the most utterly compelling desk fiddler you're ever likely to have on your desk or in your hand - you just can't put it down.

Rhythm Sticks

If you've ever played air drums (that's everybody, isn't it?) then these are just the best things ever - really, ever.

Groove Glove

Slipping-on the Groove Glove is tantamount to "getting down with the homies" or so we are assured by sniggering colleagues.

Phlat Balls

Is it a ball, is it a flying disc? No! Well yes, it's both, and Phlat Ball is the best selling outdoor toy in Australia.

X-Ploda Roulette

Xploda is the type of game that puts your heart in your mouth, though not in a Hannibal Lechter way. It's a bit like Russian Roulette, except that the bang at the end isn't terminal unless you suffer from a dodgy ticker.

Bananagrams Game

Some games are just inherently addictive, and Bananagrams is a class A addictive game.

Rubik's Revo

The original Rubiks cube was in itself a revolution and now come up with another, the Rubik's Revolution


There's nothing quite as nerve-wracking as playing pass the parcel with a time-bomb, or quite as much fun.


Welcome to the ultimate balancing game that knocks Jenga into a cocked hat.

Track Racing Grannies

The Gran National is here and the grans are ready for it. A nailbiting track paves the way for a geriatric speedway.

Cube World Series

Behold a whole new world. Yes, they may just look like funky little cubes, but inside each one lives a very small person, albeit a two dimensional pixelated one. Nevertheless he's a dynamic, interactive, multi-talented and behaviourally erratic little dude that'll provide you with hours and hours of useless entertainment.

Shocking Memory

Just how shocking is your memory? Well here's a very effective way of finding out that's also hugely entertaining for on-lookers.

Tantrix Puzzles

If you thought Su Doku was the biggest and most addictive craze sweeping the country, then you have to get your hands on Tantrix.

Inflatable Battling Robots

Two pumped up droids with attitude and your mission is to bash your opponent's robot into submission.


Polarity is a game of extremes, polar extremes to be exact. Now we never expected physics and fun to be one of the same but Polarity is here to prove us wrong.

IQ Test

Are you a bit of a boffin? Marked and analysed by professional markers this really is a test of your intelligence.

Make your Own-opoly

Monopoly streaks into the 21st Century with a superb range of fun variations on the classic board game.

Brain Trainer

We spend a fortune on gyms (which we all go to regularly of course) to get our bodies into shape, yet how often do we give our brains a good work-out?

Shocking Guns

Playing cops and robbers suddenly got a lot more serious. Have you got the nerve?

Real Swing Golf

All the fun of golf but with none of the traipsing around with an oversized and overweight golfing partner, no sorry, we mean golf bag.

SSX Snowboarder

Yo dude, the powder's up. Forget consoles, now you can hop into a virtual pipe, like, for real.

Metal Powerball

One of the fastest non-motorised machines in the world! This was the claim made of the Neon Powerball, well now that has been surpassed by the staggering coolth and power of the Metal Powerball.


The Jurassic meets the Cenozoic in Roboreptile, the ultimate cold-blooded robotic predator.


The Roboquad is about as wierd and wonderful as it gets.


Unicycling, as similar to riding a bicycle as surfing is to macrame.

Razor Electric Scooters

With speeds of up to 15mph and a runtime of 45 minutes, these are the hottest electric scooters on the market.

Robosapien V2

The Robosapien, a multi-function, programmable, dancing and jiving robot that looks not a little unlike a Storm Trooper on steroids.

Pocket Rocket

This mini dream machine will zip you about at a mighty 15mph and is an absolute blast to ride.

Robonova I

A new generation has been born. Isn't this just the coolest humanoid robot you've ever seen?

Arcade Table

Possibly the only piece of cool design to come out of the 80's is back.



If you've found a broken link, or think we've missed a brilliant gadget or toy, please let us know.  Thanks.

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07 Jul 2011
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