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R/C Things

R/C Things

I was a mere stripling when old Grandad Null gave me my first radio-controlled vehicle: an R/C penny farthing that he'd made with his very own hands.  Since that day I've striven to find the best R/C toys to add to my collection.  And now I'm giving you the chance to make a small child (or just yourself) very happy. 


Remote Control Predators

Dinosoars and Dragons are notoriously hard to domesticate but with these RC versions, you have full control.

Micro Vectron

The Micro Vectron is a free-flying dream. Unlike many other hovery flying things, this wonderful gizmo truly is a piece of cake to fly.

RC Golf Incred-a-Ball

The Remote Control Golf Ball - the world has gone mad (and about time too).

RC Lederhosen

If ever we needed proof that mankind is capable of making miraculous technical advances, then surely these Remote Control Lederhosen are just that

RC Sumos

Skip the years of binge eating and avoid having to wear a nappy in public with these ridiculous RC battlers.

RC Bumper Cars

Norman and Edna battle it out in true fairground fashion, shunting each other about as though they were on the M25 on a Friday night.

Mini Bi-Plane

A blisteringly excellent indoor/outdoor micro RC bi-plane that flies for ages.

Splash Wheeler

The amphibian with attitude! The Splash Wheeler is the first truly decent all terrain RC vehicle, and by all terrain we mean on water too!

RC Airlifter

When you've a mission to fly, and which overgrown child hasn't, you need a plane fit for purpose, and the RC Airlifter is just that.

RC Pirate Ship

Arrghg me hearties, splice the main-brace, shiver me timbers, feed the parrot and pop some batteries in me hold oohh argh. Or something like that.

RC Mini Forklift

Quite simply the most wonderful R/C toy in the known Universe. A nine function, three speed, mini Fork-Lift truck that'll have you completely hooked in a nanosecond.

Pterosaur RC Dinosaur

Dinosaurs, you can't help but be fascinated by them, they are in fact our palaeontological pop stars.

RC Dragon Fly

The first indoor/outdoor fully functional, flapping, flying machine.

Bladerunner Mini

Cool as a long green salad vegetable in shades, the Bladerunner Mini is the pups' nuts in indoor helicopter flying.

Infrared Micro Tanks

When it comes to micro battling, look no further than these wicked little tanks.

Micro Mosquito

The Micro Mosquito is the highest spec and most functional mini helicopter of its kind in the world.

Blade Runner 2 Helicopter

A remarkable indoor mini remote-controlled helicopter. How much fun is this!

Bladerunner 3

So stable you could keep a horse in it.

RC Wall Climber

Newton got us all kind of used to the idea that without gravity we'd be flying off in all sorts of inconvenient directions. So, it's rather alarming to find your remote control car climbing the walls and defying apples everywhere.

R/C N.S.E.C.T.

Pre-programmed to explore and attack, NSECT is a robotic bug to be reckoned with.


Oh my, oh my, this monster RC P-51D Mustang is a beauty. It's a fully aerobatic Charge-and-Fly™ reproduction with stunning details, and getting it airborne is about as simple as it gets.

RC Focke-Wulf

Charmingly dubbed the "Butcher Bird," the Focke-Wulf 190 was the Luftwaffe's most potent piston-engine fighter of WWII.

Remote Control Spitfire

Quite possibly the most iconic plane of the 20th Century, the Spitfire Mk IIB is more English than Churchill and a nice cup of tea.



If you've found a broken link, or think we've missed a brilliant gadget or toy, please let us know.  Thanks.

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07 Jul 2011
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