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USB Things

USB Things

USB - the new ruler of the Universe.  If it doesn't fit in the little slot then it just isn't worth having.  And quite often, as we show below, even if it does fit in the slot it's not worth having.  But you're going to buy them anyway - they're just too cool not to have!


USB Humping Dog

A USB powered humping dog may not be big or clever, but it sure as heck is funny.

Street Mice

The optical computer mouse that looks like a car and has working headlights - need we say any more!

USB Dance Mat

Dancing is great exercise, but it would be kinder to the world if most of us didn't do it in public.

USB Flower Fan

Of course, the last place you want to be on a hot and sunny day is at your desk.

USB Panic Button

A button that reveals you for the diligent employ you know you're not.

USB Plasma Ball

The beauty of this awesome mini plasma ball is that you don't have to wrestle Klingons in the outer regions of the Thark Quadrant to play with it.

USB Cup Warmer

Don't let your cuppa get cold just 'cos you're engrossed with what you're doing, use the USB Cup Warmer to keep your bevy piping.

USB Massager

The USB Massager, have a fantastic massage while you work (or pretend to).

USB CELL rechargeable batteries

Re-chargeable batteries have in the past been rather 'organised man in the shed' territory, requiring a bulky and ugly charger, and your ability to remember to charge the things.

USB Sim Card Reader

What price peace of mind? This brilliant little gadget backs up and synchronises all the contacts on your SIM. Keep your data safe.

USB Chameleon

A bizarrely loveable desk toy, this little guy will amuse you and your colleagues for hours.

Memory Stick Cars

Trade in your boring old memory stick for a superior model.

Tardis USB Hub

The dizzy world of time travel has never felt so appealing as when you're sitting at your desk watching the clock grind round.

USB Fridge

Fresh from the fridge a cool can is hard to beat - now you dont have to leave your desk.

USB Rat Race

A crazy and somewhat manic distraction for keyboard hounds.

USB Hamster Wheel

We can't promise to take you out of life's rat race but we can throw a hamster in there to mix it up a bit.


In a world where USB is becoming the source of all power (though no doubt Gandolf may have a thing or two to say about that), USB hubs are becoming a necessity.

USB Chess Game

Chess has soared into the 21st Century with this USB version.

USB Drum Kit

The end to the inconvenience of setting up a full classical drum kit at your desk

USB Missile Launcher

The USB Missile Launcher is the ultimate deterrent against those annoying people who lurk around your desk because they've nothing better to do.

USB Doorbell

Free yourself from ordinary door chimes and release your creativity on some truly whacky door tunes

USB Podcast Kit

At last someone has put together the ultimate Podcasting kit so you can broadcast your wit and wisdom to the world

I-Axe USB Guitar

Fancy yourself as the next Jimi Hendrix? Then the iAxe is for you.

USB Cassette Deck

Looking at this classic piece of kit is like gazing into the past, but actually you are looking at the future

USB Mixing Kit

Always fancied yourself as a bit of a DJ, but turning on your iPod is about as technical as you get? This USB Mixing Kit is ideal for novice DJs who want to mix up their music

USB Turntable

The ION USB deck turns the past into the future.



If you've found a broken link, or think we've missed a brilliant gadget or toy, please let us know.  Thanks.

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07 Jul 2011
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