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Weird Things

Weird Things

Delve into the deepest recesses of your brain.  Is there lurking anywhere the imagination to create a ninja hamster or Artoo Potatoo?  Yes? I suggest getting a specialist to have a look at that.  But in the meantime, enjoy the fruits of someone else's troubled brain:


Panic Button Key

The most important button that computer manufacturers failed to supply is now available!

Venus Fly Trap

Grow Your Own Venus Fly Trap, no we're not kidding.

Keyring Kite

Perfect for idle moments on the beach, in the park or at slow sporting fixtures.

Banana Guard

When nature went about designing a case for its beloved banana it just wasn't thinking ahead. True it's pretty cool packaging, easy access, colour coded and bio-degradable, but it simply wasn't designed for the bumps and knocks of the 21st Century.

Message Egg

The magic message bean that 'hatches' out of an egg. Bizarre and brilliant.

Space Putty

An un-put-downable liquid lava goo


What a cracking good idea! Egglings are the hottest new invention in home and desk plant growing.

Holy Toast - Set of 2

If like us, you suffer from the almost constant disappointment of holy effigies failing to miraculously appear to you during breakfast, well fret no more, because help is at hand.

Elvis Duck

Elvis may well have left the building, but if this avian version is anything to go by, he certainly won't have taken the stairs.

Dinosaur Plant

The Dinosaur Plant is a pre-historic miracle. You can be totally rubbish at looking after it and it won't mind in the slightest.

Jim'll Fix It Soap Badge

For those who live with the disappointment of not having an iconic 'Jim'll Fix It' badge, comes absolution, or at least ablution.

Crap Inventions

The anti-invention card game with the world's most rubbish inventions.

Racing Grannies

Possibly the best wind-up toy ever invented, the Racing Grannies are to geriatric speedway what Ferrari is to Formula One.

Turbo Tortoise Racing Set

These wind-up racing Turbo Tortoises are wonderfully stupid.

Artoo Potatoo

Once upon a time in a vegetable patch far far away, a genetic experiment went horribly wrong.

Darth Tater

Darth Tater - vegetable meets villain in this superbly stupid must-have Star Wars accessory.

Ninja Hamster

A singing, nun chukka whirling hamster, can it be? Yes it can, and it's hilarious!

Dashboard Star Wars

Add a little flash to your dash with these mini monuments to the forces of good and evil.

Sonic Alarm

Do you find it hard to get your partner or the kids up in the morning? Well the Sonic Alarm is the perfect solution to your problem.


Turn your fridge into a Friesian in a matter of moments without having to say "Thar you go moi dear". Guaranteed to make your milk last longer, only not.

Tickle Me Freud

When over-analysis gets too much, tickle Freud.

Walking Hand

It's daft, it's cheesy, it's... actually quite spooky. Looks just like the hand of a typical green scarred bloke, except it starts to walk if you make a loud noise...

Gift of a Goat

A Goat is for life, not just for Christmas.

Ant Works

If you thought fish were great for an instant bit of de-stressing, then you've got to get hold of one of these. A Space-Age ant colony that's truly mesmerising.


A miraculous blast from the past! Grow your own prehistoric creatures in a matter of days.

Das Kapital Money Box

You just have to love the exquisite irony of the Das Kapital Money Box

George Bush

Lovingly cast in the highest quality plastic, as befits your stature, we celebrate your leadership skills

Ghost Towel

Ghost Towel is a towel with eye holes in it, designed to fool your progeny into thinking that they're playing dressing up.

Adopt a Vine

The Adopt A Vine is a delight for dipsomaniacs and a winner for winos.

Scrolling LED Badges

Eliminate small talk in an instant with the seeringly cool Scrolling LED Badge.

Verballs Talking Skype Creatures

Verballs are the ludicrous critters taking the Skype world by storm.

Robot Guinea Pig

The latest and greatest Version 3 Gupi, the furball with attitude. The perfect virtual pet that reacts to you, talks to you, and doesn't mess up the house.

Knife Block

Well, isn't this the best knife block you've ever seen in your life? Forget bland polished beech, this is award winning stuff.

Adopt an Olive Tree

This beautifully packaged 'Adopt an Olive Tree' just oozes class, much as it does olive oil.

Chimpanzee Head

Yes, yes OK this is very weird, but it's also really quite amazing. Imagine 2001 A Space Odyssey meets Planet of the Apes meets Gorillas in the Mist (except with chimpanzees obviously) and add a remote control unit, and you're nearly there.



If you've found a broken link, or think we've missed a brilliant gadget or toy, please let us know.  Thanks.

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07 Jul 2011
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