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Air Bed Air Bed

By Hannah Isom

The concept of bedroom furniture has been turned on its head by the creation of a floating bed, which defies the laws of gravity.

The mastermind of the creation is young Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars, who claims that in contrast to regular architecture, which gravity causes to fall towards the ground, his floating bed falls towards the sky.

Magnets contained within the bed and the floor repel each other allowing the bed to hover 40cm above ground. Thin steel cables tether the bed in place, presumably to prevent unsuspecting sleepers from scraping their noses on the ceiling.

Although Ruijssenaars admits that the bed is at present uncomfortable to sleep on, there are other suggestions for its use, such as a dining table, a display area for art, or maybe limbo dance training equipment. Whatever the function, the floating bed will set you back a whopping 1.2 million Euros. It also comes with a serious health warning that people with piercings could find themselves suddenly tugged towards one of the magnets, which might be enough to repel the keenest of customers.



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