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Canine Weddings Put Asunder

Canine Weddings Put Asunder

By Hannah Isom

Budding canine wedding planners in India have been forced to cancel the nuptials of 18 dogs following protests by animal rights activists. The Hindu wedding ceremony between nine dogs and their bitches was due to take place on Sunday in Jaipur, but was cancelled after religious and animal welfare groups declared the whole affair to be nothing more than a religious mockery and downright (rather extravagant) animal cruelty.

Had the wedding been allowed to go ahead, guests would have been treated to a feast of Hindu wedding rituals, which involve sitting in front of a sacred fire and exchanging flower garlands. Presumably the pooches would then have exchanged howls, and engaged in some kind of simultaneous genital sniffing.

The wedding plans also included a procession and huge feast, with music and dancing, all organised by event management company B Positive and the Pink City Canine Club. The chairman of People for Animals, Naresh Kadyan, reckons that “marriage of dogs is cruelty on animals. People hold the front legs of the dogs against their will and force them to dance, which is cruel. The lights, noise, sound used in these kind of events also hurt them.”

The organisers of the event however remain optimistic, and hope to plan other canine-oriented social events, including a beauty pageant for unmarried dogs, which is just as well given their track record with matrimony.

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Image: Maira Kouvara

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09 Nov 2009
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