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New Tech For Dirty Dogs

New Tech For Dirty Dogs

By Mark Steer

It might look like a massive microwave but that hasn’t stopped literally tens of Frenchmen throwing their pampered pooches into it for a wash and brush up. This is, of course, the latest dog washing machine.

It has been installed in the city of Poitiers, France at the cost of a mere $30,000. The owner reckons the machine will help him to get a tight stranglehold on the lucrative dog grooming business of western central France which we estimate to be worth at least $600 per year.

To prove how safe the system was, the unnamed man-idiot in charge joined his long-suffering pooch for a cycle. He grinned and thumbs-upped his way through the short washing sequence as the spaniel gazed balefully out at the watching crowd, working out how many he would have to kill to keep his ignominy under wraps. (Watch the video here)

Local competitors, however, claim they aren’t frightened that high-tech canine cleansing will rob them of their business, citing the fact that most dog owners wouldn’t subject their treasured mutts to the obvious torment the machine causes your average canine. Sounds like fighting talk to me.

Is there a loving dog owner out there who wouldn't want to deny their family pet the obvious delights of automatic dog washing?

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Image: Kym Parry

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12 May 2009
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