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The OccasioNull

The OccasioNull

There's just so much strange stuff going on out there in science world that we don't have time to digest it all. Luckily, however, thanks to the wonders of modern thought we can now bring all the latest news in abbreviated form. Hooray!

Don't worry, be happy
Proof at last - being happy really is good for you. If you are one of those people that always has a smile on your face, it could add an extra 7-10 yrs on your life expectancy. Now that's worth smiling about. (19 Aug)

How many legs does an octopus have?
Well you might think this is a stupid question - eight obviously. Actually you're wrong, the answer is two, the other six are actually classified more as arms. (19 Aug)

Six degrees of separation
This concept, first dating back to 1969, has now been confirmed using over 30 billion instant messages. Pick anyone in the world and you should be able to link to that person using only six different people - give it a go. (19 Aug)

Harry Potter comes to life
Wouldn't it be great if we really could have an invisibility cloak. That's exactly what scientists in America thought and they have made giants strides recently having invented a 3-D material that can reverse the direction of light  (19 Aug)

  Female fish risk death over boys
Guppies from Trinidad get so much grief from male fish, they'd rather risk being eaten. The sexual harrassment is so intense, they'd rather hang around with predators than put up with all the attention. (19 Aug)

Adults fooled by children
When it comes to fooling their parents, kids are quite adept at denying any wrong doing. However, when it comes to making stuff up, parents are much better at seeing through the charade. (19 Aug)

Cheerleading is a dangerous sport
If you had to name a dangerous sport, cheerleading probably wouldn't be high on your list, but it seems they should be paid danger money. In America, two-thirds of severe sports injuries to girls are from cheerleading. (19 Aug)

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Images: Title: sanja gjenero ; Octopus: Gisela Royo; Potter: Andrey Triguba;
cheerleader: Carolina Huddle

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07 Jul 2011
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