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Koala, cars & chlamydia

Koala, cars & chlamydia

If you’re an animal crossing a busy main road, probably the worse thing that could happen would be to be hit by a car at 100 kmh (about 60 mph). However, in the case of an eight year old male koala in north Brisbane, it can actually get worse.

Not only did he get knocked down, he also got his head wedged in the car radiator grill and was dragged along for over 12 km (7 miles). But before you go reaching for the tissues in a state of emotional distress, fear not, because koalas are made of sterner stuff.

The marsupial, nicknamed “lucky”, had clung on for dear life until the vehicle was flagged down by a passing motorist. He was finally freed from the car’s grill using a pair of household scissors and is now recuperating in a wildlife hospital set up by the late Steve Irwin.

It also transpired that Lucky had also recently been getting lucky...ish. A liaison with a less-than-wholesome young koala lady had left him suffering with chlamydia which he is now receiving treatment for.

They say things happen in threes so heaven knows what will be in-store for him next. Struck by an asteroid maybe?

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Image: Tim Allen

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07 Jul 2011
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