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Feel The Love Mattress

Feel The Love Mattress

By Riaz Bhunnoo

I’ve often wondered how much easier it would be to snuggle up to your partner in bed if you could disconnect your limbs at will. You could remove your annoying appendages and place them neatly on the bedside table for re-attachment in the morning. As it stands, however, you end up with a limp, unresponsive arm that is so heavy it feels like it’s been peppered with lead. Fortunately, this problem has now been resolved - thanks to the Love Mattress.

The Love Mattress is essentially a foam block with ten 3-inch-wide foam slats at either end. You simply slot your arm between the slats underneath your bed fellow and snuggle together all night long. Your partner’s weight is distributed evenly across the prised-open slats so gone are the days of suffering from a numb arm. It’s a win-win situation as your partner no longer feels like they have a
piece of scaffolding wedged into their back. For big-footed people who also
The love mattress in action, complete with hairy lovers.
like to sleep face down, it also means you can tuck your hefty plates of meat away neatly for the night.

The mattress is the brainchild of award-winning designer Mehdi Mojtabavi, who said: "A loving embrace, especially between partners, is one of the most calming actions. Embracing, and bodily proximity and connection after love-making,” he continued, ”are very important for strengthening relationships; however, what usually stops this pleasant state is not mental tiredness, it is physical weakness."

The mattress is currently a prototype but has won many awards since being unveiled. It does, however, have one slight flaw - it is unclear how you could cover the mattress with a sheet and still take advantage of its slat technology. Covering each individual slat would require a tent-like sheet and plenty of patience. It is also unclear how comfortable the foam block would be to sleep on; on the other hand, it could be argued that a small amount of discomfort is a small price to pay for a lifetime of closeness to the one you love. Although I’m not so sure…I love my bed too much.

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Image: Bora Subakan

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22 Sep 2009
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