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Drunk As An Elk Drunk As An Elk

By Sarah Gillham

We’ve all been out on the town only to find ourselves surrounded by drunken animals. For some of us this is even a regular occurrence, or should I say a regular practice. First comes euphoria, then slurring followed closely by stumbling, general havoc and a Rambo-style machismo laced with a dash of karaoke.

However, the latest incident of drunk and disorderly to hit the headlines has not been caused by an animal of the Homo sapiens variety but one slightly more intriguing: an elk.

A young, inebriated male has been terrorising children in a school in Sweden and has been described by personnel as ‘completely mad’.

The most likely cause is that the animal became tipsy after eating fermented apples in a garden – apparently the elk did not know its ‘limit’ and foolishly ate that one apple too many.

Local police officer Jan Caiman stated that the animal would have to be shot if it didn’t sober up some time soon.

This is not the first incident of its kind, however, other animals have been found with a penchant for the odd tipple.

Four elephants were electrocuted in North East India after developing a taste for rice beer. The intoxicated animals went on a rampage after consuming the beverage freshly brewed by local villagers. An electric pole was brought down during the excitement, instantly killing the elephants.

Maybe A.A. should consider branching further out in to the animal kingdom? Now there’s a sobering thought!

Image: Sebastian Kurfuerst


I have seen birds get drunk by eating fermenting berries....and unfortunately they had a bad habit of flying into windows when under the influence.....
Bird Man, California.

Thats funny. Animals are always doing stupid things, they are no more perfect than we are. We have a local zoo with a black bear that pleasures himself.
A-Dub, Maryland.

Silly animals, drunkenness is for people!
Kitty, Massachusetts.

I saw a whole discovery show about drunk animals. I wish I could find that, I saw it some time back in the late 80s or early 90s. It was some place in africa where there weren't a lot of predators, the animals in that area were generally all herbivores. When the fruit started fermenting and rotting, the animals would eat it on the ground and start swaying around. There was a drunk elephant, a drunk rhino, and a bunch of drunk primates. It was probably the funniest documentary I've seen.
Rocky, Virginia.

For anyone scratching their head about the picture, Alces alces is called elk in Sweden. Anchorage, Alaska, has had this problem in urban neighborhoods for decades. In Montana, white tail deer get honery if you take the apples away that fall in your yard.
Angela, Montana

Similar things like this happens every year here, I've seen drunk elks myself (not in Stockholm city though). I guess early young male Homo sapiens must have seen the way the animals acted and thought "man, it sure looks like that elk has a great time!" and then started the development of fermenting skills. (NB: Not a serious comment on the history of fermentation!)
Ola, Stockholm

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