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Tanks a lot for the party

Tanks a lot for the party

By Helen Potter

Is your grand entrance just not grand enough? Is pulling up in that white stretch limo just so last year? Then never fear, because Tank Limo is here.

Yes, the people at Tanks-A-Lot have diverted from their usual military vehicle hire to kit out an armoured personnel carrier as a limo.

The carrier was one of only 13 ever made and has seen service on the Berlin wall, but this wasn't going to cut it with today's demanding passengers. The tank has now been repainted gloss white and had windows cut into the sides that are fitted with smoked glass. The interior has been completely refitted with
The tank limo - a mean machine!
The tank limo. Click to enlarge.
a fridge, twin DVD players and, reassuringly for anyone else on the roads, reversing cameras.

There are also plans to fit 44 feet of neon tubing around the bottom of the tank and a Jacuzzi is rumoured to be under construction.

With three crew members and a capacity for eight passengers, this ride doesn't come cheap. You're looking at £1600 to £4000 a go (about $3200 to $8000). Of course, you’ll also need to hire a low loader to get it to your area,
and there's a mileage charge. But at least Londoners can save some pennies – the tank is congestion charge exempt.

As Tanks-A-Lot say on their website - those taxis had better look out.

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Images: Tanks a lot

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15 Mar 2009
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