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Music's Turkey Baster Solution

Music's Turkey Baster Solution

By Helen Potter

Does your inability to play the right chord at the right time infuriate your bandmates? Do you have a supply of turkey basters and party blowers?

If the answer to both of the above questions is yes - then musician/inventor Jim Miller can help you.

In a palpable stroke of genius, Miller has created the 'chord hat' - a device consisting of three turkey basters connected to blowers that are attached to a hat. Each of the blowers is labelled with a chord name and the lead musician presses the appropriate baster with his foot to cue in his backing group. All you need to do as a backing musician is watch the head of the person in front and play the chord that pops up.

For this admirably low-tech end to musical disharmony - Jim Miller, we at the Null salute you.

More of Helen's stories can be found here.  Or you can get hold of some even better gadgets here.

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10 Feb 2009
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