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Change Is Just A Day Away Change Is Just A Day Away

By Helen Potter

"How to make a better world every day" proclaims the cover of this book, but in an effort not to do the whole judging thing I swallowed my cynicism and dove in.

First hurdle - are you an eco-sinner or saint? Turns out that I'm 'a credit to the planet' but have that extra bit to go to true eco-smugness. Looks like being a penniless student living in the city centre who can't afford to drive, fly or leave lights on is good for the planet.

The book covers eight themes for 'making a difference'; community and neighbourhood, culture and creativity, democracy and human rights, discrimination, enterprise and co-operation, environment, globalisation and consumerism, health, international development, peace, volunteering and citizenship and young people. The idea is simply that there's one idea per day for you to change the world.

All in all the ideas are pretty good. Most of them are a little too activist based for me (not really a placard-waving kind of girl), some of them (based on a catch all avoidance of 'toxic chemicals') I'm a little scientifically unsure about, but there are some good ideas and several that I wouldn't necessarily do but drew my attention to things I hadn't thought about or known.

This is the book for the wannabe eco-warrior, internet campaigner or potential saint in your life. Although 'Masturbate for Peace' (April 1st), 'Become a Protest Singer' (March 27th), 'Say No to Mobile Billboards' (May 12th) and 'Decorate Your Home with Cannabis Seeds' (June 16th) might be a little out there for most of us.

Some good ideas:

Visit the Hunger Site ( daily to donate free food; buy the Big Issue; donate your organs; give blood (

Buy this book from the Prof's Shop.  Helen has loads more articles here, plus a nice picure!

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