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Consciousness, Intent, and the Structure of the Universe Consciousness, Intent, and the Structure of the Universe

By Marilyn Springer

Scientists have been reluctant to accept that consciousness involves more than just the brain and actually depends on the fabric of the Universe. Despite this, for many years the secret services of the USA, the United Kingdom and Russia have used allied techniques for spying purposes.

Jeffrey Keen, a successful businessman and a physicist, has been researching this phenomena for over 20 years. His book Consciousness, Intent, and the Structure of the Universe provides the missing link. He has identified, observed and measured universal energy fields that have not previously been detected by the usual five senses or by existing scientific instruments. Through his pioneering discoveries, Jeffrey Keen’s book unquestionably demo-nstrates and explains the ancient mystery of dowsing, its connection to the cosmos, its use, and ultimate acceptance by the world of science.

To mark its 125th anniversary, the prestigious journal Science compiled a list of the major unanswered questions regarding the universe, which man struggles to understand. This list was also highlighted in an article in The Times on 1 July 2005. The two most important unanswered questions relate to the nature of the universe, and the subject of consciousness. Keen’s book not only addresses both subjects, but also shows, in a convincing way, that both of these are inextricably linked. Laying down the foundations for further research, including techniques to adopt, and avenues worth pursuing, Keen’s book is packed with the results of carefully executed experiments with meaningful graphs and diagrams. The book is well indexed, the chapters are kept short and there are summaries at the end of every chapter. This is just as well, as this book is not for the faint hearted! A general school level knowledge of science and mathematics is an asset. Some of the concepts are profound and occasionally mind-boggling!

Keen's book does not discuss the esoteric, but is firmly “fixed to the ground”. This is serious scientific research, with the presented evidence referring to concepts such as mass, wavelength, field strength, distances, Fibonacchi series, and geometry. To reflect this unique scientific research and numerous published papers, Jeffrey Keen has been awarded the prestigious Bell Essay Award by the British Society of Dowsers. The last time this award was made was seven years ago.

It is up to the world of science to accept that this research is cutting edge. It is a great step forward in our scientific knowledge, which, once accepted, will benefit so much of the current scientific research being undertaken throughout the world.

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[Jeffrey Keen, Consciousness, Intent, and the Structure of the Universe. ISBN 1-4120-4512-6, 2005]

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