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Cats Found Via Satellite

Cats Found Via Satellite

NASA has revealed that some of its satellites are being used to trace lost cats in urban neighbourhoods.

The news was broken following weeks of increased satellite activity, which has been logged by amateur astronomy bloggers.

NASA has chosen to break the news now rather than risk a national scandal. “It’s important to note that we are using redundant satellites for this purpose, but at no point is the safety of the globe at risk”, a spokesperson stated.

Local veterinary groups are hiring the technology to track special chips that are routinely put into new pet cats to prevent theft. The satellites can pinpoint the animal to the nearest metre, allowing them to be located and reunited with their owners.

“It means a hell of a lot to the owners and helps save lives”, said Malcolm Fisher, head veterinarian at the Mount Simba Animal Hospital. “There are so many satellites up there; it’s just a question of which one we log into at the time.”

The announcement comes after several US senate members expressed concern over the private use of such satellites. It was recently revealed that three months of government data on climate change and weather monitoring was lost after a satellite was accidentally switched off.

Further concerns arose following a forty minute downtime in last Thursday’s Fox TV’s evening schedule, whilst ‘Tickles’ was located inside a derelict building in Eastern Chicago.

Your Say:

There are no lost cats. There are cats that have decided that they have had enough of the household in which they have been living; but there are no lost cats. Cats always know where they are and what they are doing. That is part of essential cat-ness. There are, however, lots of dogs who are lost in their own beds. Confusion is part of essential dog-ness.
Burgess, Tennessee, USA.

Great, I can find my cat with relative ease!!! Now if only I could find the remote...

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31 Dec 2008
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