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Climate Chaos Solved Again

Climate Chaos Solved Again

By Miketron

We all find ourselves asking what we can do to help combat global warming and climate change. We try to use less electricity, drive our cars less and generally attempt to minimise our "eco-footprint". Well we can all breathe a little easier now that an Austrian mining engineer has come up with the answer: Personal Carbon Sequestration.

Geosequestration for the mining industry has been in the news during the last few months as a means to lessen the CO2 released into the atmosphere.

The process involves pumping the waste gasses back into the Earth, filling up the cavities left by resource extraction and trapping harmful gasses under the proverbial rug for ever. There’s no chance of the gasses ever escaping again or causing any problems in the future. No chance at all.

While mining processes makes up a substantial portion of global green house gas emissions, a greater percentage is composed of human exhalation. When we breathe out, we exhale large amounts CO2. There are more than six billion humans all exhaling thousands of times a day, producing hundreds of tons of carbon per person every year.

Thankfully Professor Helmut Grossbatten of the Austrian mining company Masse-Raub has come up with a simple version of geosequestration that we can all use.

The solution to global warming solved in one easy step - bury your breath.  Personal geosequestration is really bloomin simple, it just requires a bit of dedication.

As you can see above, the process involves digging a small hole before each exhalation and burying the CO2-heavy breath in the hole before covering it up again.

Using a drinking straw to sequester your carbon emissions can allow smaller holes in the ground for inner-city-living spaces.

If governments spend money on providing populations with hole-diggers and drinking-straws, billions of dollars will be saved that would otherwise be wasted on ridiculous pie-in-the-sky energy concepts such as solar power, clean nuclear technology and wind turbines.

Miketron has a page all of his own.  Lucky fella! You can find all this articles there.
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23 Apr 2011
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