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Life on Mars Found on Mars

Life on Mars Found on Mars

By James Marson

Scientists have discovered starling new evidence of Life on Mars on Mars during a routine mission that was anything but (routine).

The unnamed spacecraft which was also unmanned to avoid clerical error, crashed deftly in to the planet at 4.30pm Martian time last Tuesday (roughly closing time on a Wednesday) and was scraping the bottom of a barrel shaped crater for signs of life when it made the discovery of a small fragment of the popular TV series starring John Simm.

Scientists have been startled by the discovery and have claimed it offers irrefutable evidence that life might possibly have existed on Mars eventually.

But sceptics were quick to respond saying that it’s not the first time a space probe has become contaminated by prime time TV, citing the incident when some of the less funny bits of Friends were claimed to have been discovered drifting through the asteroid belt. They were later discovered to have been carried from Earth by exploratory probe Schwimmer Seven.

Questions have also been raised about the picture quality, which resembles a pirate copy shot from a concealed position in a grotty suburban front room and which may have distorted accents.

Scientists were adamant that the presence of popular drama on Mars hints at a higher intelligence. “If we’d found evidence of endless repeats of X-factor, like we did on the moon, it would have been a different story” said one, “but we didn’t”.

TV actor John Simm was not available for comment as he now lives in the Seventies.

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If you never saw the TV show Life on Mars, you missed out big style - get it here.

Image: NASA/N

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04 May 2011
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