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Hope For Nano'puters

Hope For Nano'puters

By Miketron

Recent discoveries in the Nanotechnology Department at MIT have enabled scientists to conceptualise the world’s smallest, fastest computers with the aim to increase processing power by more than 6 million percent.

Nanocomputing reverses current manufacturing processes by creating processors from a single atom up, resulting in much tinier components with much faster processing speeds.

"We eventually hope to be able to make diagrams that are completely invisible"
With the increased processing power, scientists would be able to create three dimensional diagrams so complex and so tiny that you could fit three hundred trillion of them on the head of a pin.

“We’ve never been able to make diagrams this small or complex,” reported Dr Albert Klein of MIT. “With the enhanced power of nanocomputers, we eventually hope to be able to make diagrams that are completely invisible – even to electron microscopes – and with levels of complexity that would blow up the human brain if it even thought about them.”

Pictured above are some of the current diagrams that scientists can produce with modern computer power. Imagine the above diagrams multiplied in complexity by the power of eight squillion and reduced to the size of one atom.

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20 Apr 2010
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