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Scratch And Sniff Diet

Scratch And Sniff Diet

A new diet from Weight Watchers has excited slimmers at its launch at the company’s headquarters.

“The new ‘scratch and sniff’ range of products allows dieters to get the benefit of a wide range of meals without the dangers of putting on weight”, said their CEO at the opening.

Advances in food technology have led to huge improvements in the nutritional value of the smell. One such example is the ‘British roast dinner and all the trimmings’ variety, which has only 10 calories, but uses up 15 with some vigorous scratching.

“Now, people can eat on the go, just scratch off your favourite meal, inhale for 15-20 seconds and you’re done”, said Bradley Thomas, the chief technologist behind the innovation. “In the busy world of 2006, it’s a much needed breakthrough.”

Consumer groups have called for a rethink, however, amid fears that the diet range could lead to an increase in eating disorders as people “smell themselves into anorexia”.

“Without proper dietary advice, people may think it’s fine to sniff three meals a day,” a spokesperson commented.

Mrs Lewis, a housewife from Atlanta, Georgia, hailed the diet as a success. I’ve just scratched a triple chocolate sundae”, she said. “I feel so naughty.”

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01 Jan 2009
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