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How To Pimp Your MySpace

By Hayley Birch

For all those unacquainted with the eloquently named art of pimping one’s MySpace, the Null offers an informative and practical guide.

The embellishment, decoration and general beautification of one’s profile on the online community site, most commonly by modification of backgrounds, colours, fonts and animation.

It’s perfectly straightforward really.
  1. Take one uncooked MySpace profile page.
  2. Google “pimp myspace” (and by Google, we mean any well-known search engine, of course).
  3. Click on whichever pimping link seems most appealing. We like
  4. A good pimping website will have a simple form that you can fill in to specify your profile enhancements. Go right ahead.
  5. With a quick click of a button, the pimp site produces all the html code you need.
  6. Copy and paste the code into your profile page (usually in one of the boxes you would use to write in your personal details).
  7. Bob’s your uncle – you’re pimped out!

But why would I want to?
If you’re a pimping virgin (no, we’re not sure that’s a well-constructed phrase either) it may seem like too much trouble to go to. And in fact, you’re probably right. If it’s more admirers you’re after, you’re not likely to get them by pimping your MySpace. A Null study showed no significant difference in the proportions of opposite sex friends when pimped and unpimped profiles were compared. So what’s the point? Well, it looks pretty. Hence the reason girls seem slightly more inclined to do it.

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28 May 2009
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