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Time Out With Tickle

Time Out With Tickle

Brainiac presenter Jon Tickle took time out of his hectic schedule to talk to Null editor Hayley Birch about gooseberry bushes, Big Brother and - we could be talking exclusive news here - a possible Brainiac stage play.

Scroll down for Jon's answers to some quick fire questions.

For someone who has starred in the world’s most successful reality TV show, Jon Tickle remains remarkably grounded.

Although he is routinely stopped by fans from as far afield as Hong Kong and the Falkland Islands, physics graduate Tickle puts his day job ahead of his media career, and his appearance on Big Brother down to a “momentary lapse”. “The story goes that I was at a barbecue and one of my friends and I were talking about Big Brother. He turned round to me and said, ‘Yes, but of course, you’d never get on’ and because I don’t like people telling me what I can and can’t do, I bunged in an application form.”

Even Brainiac is just a hobby; something he fits into his holidays from his job as a Data Strategy Manager for British Gas. And he had to be coerced into that. Tickle never planned to accept any media offers after Big Brother and had originally sent the script back to his agent unread. It was only when his agent marched him into the Brainiac office that he finally caved in. “I