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Phunny Phobias

Phunny Phobias

If you met someone who was afraid of paper or wax statues, wouldn't you tell them to stop being so ridiculous and get over it? Every Monday, Null editor Hayley hand-picks another bizarre phobia and tries to work out whether it's real or rubbish.

The list so far:
Want to 'fess up about your own mad phobias?  Join the Unlikely Science group on Facebook.  Group members are currently biting their nails over:
  • English mustard
  • Too many things being in one place
  • Butterflies (Try www.ihatebutterflies.com  Watch out for the photos - Ed)
  • Buttons
  • Cows (Boviphobia? Funny, not as common as you might think - Ed)
  • Slugs (Limaxaphobia apparently.  Not altogether irrational, I think - Ed)
  • Water dripping from the roof (A specific form of pluviophobia? See above - Ed)
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14 Aug 2011
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